Yesterday. Another day too precious to photograph.  Visit with dear friend who has been ill for some time, not terminally ill but very ill.  Now her husband has cancer. They are facing all of this with uncommon grace. No, that’s wrong. Grace in the face of extreme hardship is common and is what gives the human race the dignity that remains. Continue reading


Thank you Oliver Stone:

 Baaaa!  Fuck it, they sold us out – so what!  What’d
 you’all expect?  Civilian life is phoney BULLSHIT
 man.  They’re ROBOTS man – watchin’ dopey television
 and drivin’ dopey cars, and they fuck up, nobody
 dies.  That’s all right, you keep fuckin’ up,
 politicians keep lyin’.  Cause it don’t really
 matter.  Don’t mean shit.  So what!  Whatcha want – a
 parade!  Fuck that too!  No war time no grunt never
 got no respect.  Till he was dead – and even THEN! 
 You’re fighting for YOURSELF man!  You’re fighting
 for your SOUL, dat’s all.  Remember dat.  And it’s
 some goddamn battle too – if you’se a man, wrestle
 with that angel …
  (swings his entrenching tool in a rhythmic chain-gang style)
 … Love and Hate – the whole shitbang show, that’s
 the story then and now and it ain’t hardly gonna
 change …