Yesterday. Another day too precious to photograph.  Visit with dear friend who has been ill for some time, not terminally ill but very ill.  Now her husband has cancer. They are facing all of this with uncommon grace. No, that’s wrong. Grace in the face of extreme hardship is common and is what gives the human race the dignity that remains. So there is this bluebird. It comes and sits by the window, stares curiously at my friend. She says that it (is it a he or she?) has been coming for months and she thinks that her (or his) first brood of babies were frozen to death during the spring cold snap and now there is another brood. My friend has been the one constant in this bird’s existence. A trauma therapist for the bluebird. He(she) stares at me as well. I imitate my friend’s gesture as she mimics the flapping of wings. I love that birdwoman. We have been friends for over thirty years.  We talk about things people don’t usually discuss casually like the meaning of the sentence “nothing lasts forever until you die”. Buddhist? Christian? Depends upon the meaning of the word “nothing”.  We talk about the song Bye Bye Blackbird. She has the sheet music, a very old copy that belonged to her mother. She tells me that the song was written about a prositute leaving the business to back home. Wikipedia agrees. I leave her then, and I go to my Hebrew class. We read Genesis in Hebrew. The Rabbi translates. We are at the part where God creates companion for Adam. He puts Adam to sleep. I wonder why God doesn’t just skip the anaesthesia? Then the snake enters the garden. The tree of knowledge. He tells Eve, don’t worry you will not die if you eat of it. We talk about Marketing. The four P’s. I had never heard of the four P’s. The snake as Master Marketer. We talk about the motivation of the snake.  Hypothesize the backstory. After Adam and Eve eat the apple they are ashamed and hide from God. God calls to them. “Where are you?” I wonder why this has never been made into an animated children’s movie. Did search on You Tube and found that Robert Crumb has illustrated Book of Genesis. Check it out.

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