lows and highs

Last night, (I have been using the DVR function on my TV) I was watching Apocolypse Now Redux and a PBS special on Jeff Bridges. The show had excerpts from all of his movies including The Big Lebowski. I had forgotten how much I liked the character of the Dude. So today, I bought my second Kindle book, “The Big Lebowski and Philosophy”. A collection of philosophical essays on The Big Lebowski. I read somewhere the Coen brothers or one of them was a philosophy major in college. Dudeness or Dudiness. Aristotle. The Dude Abides as an axiom. It’s pretty interesting really. Mark it zero. I actually have the t-shirt. So in between watching the Jeff Bridges special I am watching my DVR recording of Apocalypse Now Redux. There is Marlon Brando playing Walter E. Kurtz. Where was my brain when I first saw this movie? How did I miss recalling the severed heads? Or Kurtz’s monologue. http://youtu.be/KxLFdJLSho8

This movie is very very radical. Coppola. All my wine is Coppola. I just can’t throw away the empty bottles. I just love looking at the name.

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