Can’t go home again…

Last night I thought if only I can get back to the Bronx, to that very street where I lived with my grandparents, the only place I ever felt I had a home, if only I could do that then… I redownloaded google earth and went there. I clicked on the very street, the very house, I peered to see the very apartment window, I found an apartment house that might have been ours, I clicked on the views, I longed for it, I wanted to be there so bad I could taste it. I remember those long rides on the subway as one would recall a heavenly place. The noise, the faces, all different, all together yet apart. The kitchen of my grandmother’s apartment, the smells. Chicken Soup. But not just that, two people who I knew, without a shadow of a doubt, loved me. Would never leave me. Until death took them. Who pictured great things for me. I wanted to be back there. I will be back there.

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